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Fan Art Panel at SDCC 2012

This was a Fan Art panel at SDCC this year, featuring the Copyright Lawyer from DeviantArt. If you sell fanart at shows (such as prints), I think that you owe it to yourself to watch this.

Amateur VS Professional

So, this year, Steam Crow is starting our own show. I’m starting to learn a lot about the other side of being an artist – from the perspective of one who DEALS with artists; The Con Organizer. I must admit… Continue Reading →

What e-commerce system to use

I’ll be honest; I’ve been looking for the holy grail of e-commerce systems for a long while now. I want a system that is: Free. (Who needs yet another monthly bill?) Hosted on my own domain, so that I can… Continue Reading →

How to sell e-books at events

I’ve been thinking a lot about ebooks lately, and how it impacts the convention experience. The problem: If you sell ebooks, how do you sell them at in-person events? We sell physical books (we have 5) but I’m certainly not a… Continue Reading →

San Diego Comic-Con Review 2011

Steam Crow just finished up our 2011 SDCC. SDCC is our biggest show of the year, and it’s broken our gross sales record each time we’ve done it. (Thank goodness.) It’s not our most profitable show, but it’s dang fun… Continue Reading →

What to sell at Cons

From time to time, folks ask us about product development, and what to sell at cons: My husband and I went to one of the Tiny Army events where you were discussing what to do at a con to get… Continue Reading →

Best West Coast Comic Shows

Shows are a lot of work, but they can be an honest source of profit AND a prime connection to new and existing fans. I know that there’s been a lot of talk in the “to do shows/don’t do shows… Continue Reading →

Project Focus

I get this question quite a bit: Do I ever have a difficult time focusing on projects? The answer is: Sure! I took me almost 20 years to get enough focus where I can work on big projects and get… Continue Reading →

Innovate, Don’t Duplicate

I get this sort of thing all the time: > Dear Steam Crow – How you do X-Y-Z with your convention display? I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but: Innovate your own display, don’t just “borrow”… Continue Reading →


We often get questions about where we do our printing, where we get our business cards, or who does our web hosting for us. As indie creators, it’s important to have some good places to get your products and collateral… Continue Reading →

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